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Administrative Assistant Duties and Responsibilities

It is so appealing to apply for the Admin Assistant Job that you came across in the web pages in a well-known company. You have a vague idea about what is expected of you as an administrative assistant as you have been often told the importance of maintaining administration in a company and the challenges involved. But is this knowledge enough? Having less information can reflect in a poorer framing of your administrative assistant resume and cover letter. You may be having all that an employer wants from an admin assistant and more as well, but would not call you as you have not projected your skills well enough! So, what should you do?

After reading this e-book you will realize the importance of a sound resume that would highlight your skills well. And you must not forget that your resume along with a cover letter is the first information that an employer has of you. A clear knowledge of the expectations from an admin assistant would be a great help, henceforth.

What does an Admin Assistant do?

Executive assistants, administrative assistant and personal secretaries in a company have a wide range of responsibilities. You might be hired as an administrative assistant in a large firm where you might be taking care of the regular running of the admin side of their business. You might be associated with a category head such as the Vice-president, CEO, COO or be his/her an executive assistant.

There is very little monotony in their job and at the same time, there are myriad challenges as well. You are expected to be organized, methodical, systematic and flawless in your work. You will find that no day is similar to the other, as you would be meeting new people and facing new challenges all the time. In most of the cases, an admin assistant has to report to division heads and maybe needed to support some other staff members in the office. In most of the cases, an admin assistant has to develop purchase orders, handle computer generated reports, make travel arrangements, track information regarding office budgets, receive phone calls, take appointments, arrange conferences, meetings and deal with company visitors.

You will also be handling office stationery, ensure attendance records in the office, maintain confidentiality while handling office documents, files/papers and monitor the mails/faxes that concerned departments receive from various sources. It is one of the primary responsibilities of an admin assistant to update and remind the reporting managers of their meetings, help them in developing computer presentations, generating reports, take down dictations and supervise the overall admin functioning of the office, being a perfect support. Several times, the admin assistant has to take care of kitchen arrangements for providing refreshments during meetings or in a regular day’s work.

As an admin assistant you would be an indispensable part of the company and it is also fun to work as one. With expanding businesses and more responsibilities placed on division heads, the opportunity to grow as an admin assistant is larger. You will acquire a clear idea of the job descriptions of front office executives, receptionists, personal secretaries, administrative support and administrative assistants after going through this e-book. I have provided some sample job descriptions for each profile so that you know what the responsibilities of an admin assistant are.

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