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Administrative Support

One of the interesting things about evolution of business in the last half century is the addition of a level which is called administrative support level. Some individuals refer to it as middle management while others call it administrative support. The main aim behind these jobs is the connectivity between the lower levels of workers and laborers to the higher levels of people who own companies or run different sections of companies.

The people in the middle management are mainly in charge of assuring the smooth day to day operations in every company and while they don't have a lot of hypothetical power in the overall hierarchy of the business, they do have a lot of clout.

Specific Types

There are several different administrative support jobs in the world today, but the ones that are most poignant are the lower middle management jobs. In these jobs, individuals have a direct contact with the lower levels of the business hierarchy. Besides the lower middle management, there is also an upper middle management. In upper middle management jobs, the person is given the task to oversee more than just one shift. These are the nuanced levels of administrative support that most organizations rely on these days to be successful.

Education Required

There are several different types of education that you could get for the administrative support field, but generally an undergraduate and a graduate degree in some type of administrative program is required for joining the ranks of administrative support.Acquiring administrative assistant training can be another advantage to your job.

Skills Required

The skills required for admin assistant jobs are very vast, but delegation is what is required at the end. Your job as administrative support is not predominantly to get involved in any of the work yourself (unless a problem arises), but rather to go ahead and ensure that the tasks are properly allocated to different people who are under your control. Good administrative support workers are individuals who can keep things running effectively while at the same time making sure that the people under them are all working very well and have good confidence in the process.

Administrative Support Associates Degree Profile

An associates degree in administrative support provides graduates the necessary skills to get hold of entry level administrative support positions. As spreadsheet information, software applications and database management becomes more vital for today's companies, professionals who have knowledge of these applications have the upper hand in grabbing these positions.

Career Opportunities

In order to keep modern offices running effortlessly, businesses require quality support personnel. Graduates of an associate's degree in administrative support present professionals with the essential skills for advancement in their careers, as per the Bureau of Labor Statistics, administrative support assistants could expect to earn the annual salaries as mentioned below:

  • Local government: $37000
  • Company management assistants: $39000
  • Employment services: $32000
  • State government: $31000

While the job outlook for administrative assistants is intimately tied to the overall growth of the business economy, professionals who have advanced skills in office management and computer software are important members of a support personnel staff.

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