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Administrative Assistance Skills

Administrative assistance skills are required by an individual who wish to apply for the position of an administrative assistant. A candidate must do proper enquiry about the open position and must ensure that he/she fulfills the eligibility criterion. Besides this, a good resume is essential that will provide complete information about the candidate to the recruiter.

What are the Skills Required for an Administrative Assistant Job?
The most common skills that are essential for an individual to apply for the job of an admin assistant are as under:

  • Good Communication Skills: An administrative assistant must possess good communication skills as it is the most basic requirement for every job. Without clear means of communication, give and take of official orders and inter-office communication isn't possible. Besides this, written communication is also equally important as even a slight change in the process may cause disturbances in the normal functioning of the official tasks.
  • Development of Strong Interpersonal Skills: Possessing good and strong inter-personal skills and development of professional relationships with the outside people is important for an admin assistant. For example, while co-coordinating with the client or the raw-material provider, in case of purchase department of a manufacturing plant. This is mainly because he is the person who is an immediate connecting link to the company, sub-ordinate to the middle or a top-level manager. Moreover, he has to perform various office related responsibilities that involve good networking with the personnel of various other departments.
  • Required Education and Training: An individual who wishes to apply for the post of an admin assistant must hold at-least a bachelor's degree in the relevant field. For example, a person who wishes to work in the quality control department must possess a bachelor's degree in science, preferably chemistry. A post-graduate diploma in various vocational subjects or in business management can be acquired which are offered by various regular colleges and distance-learning institutes. Similarly, people who wish to apply for the admin assistant post of a particular department is expected to possess a degree by means of an intensive program which is sometimes provided by the organization itself while doing departmental promotion.
  • Computer Efficiency: Whether it is a government or a non-government organization, usage of computers has become mandatory in each and every department. Therefore, it is essential for a candidate to acquire basic literacy in computers, so that office management can be handled in desired and proper manner.
  • Customer Service Skills: An admin assistant should possess strong customer service skills and the person is required to interact with the customers and clients. Things like how to maintain good public relations and how to provide after sales service is essential.
  • Leadership Skills: As per the manpower strength of an organization, an admin assistant is required to possess leadership skills that are required to manage the entire staff.
  • Presentation Skills: An admin assistant must also possess good presentation skills that are usually required during group discussions and meetings. The admin assistant has to simplify the entire information in an easy-to-understand way, so that all the participants can understand it. For example, during the performance review meetings which are held every month in a manufacturing plant.

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