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Admin Assistant Resumes Examples

Administrative Assistant resume examples help a job seeker who wishes to apply for the post of executive assistant. A candidate having relevant experience in administrative work can apply for an open position with an organization by forwarding a well written resume. For this, guidelines on how to prepare admin assistant resumes prove helpful.

Skills Required for the Post of an Administrative Assistant

  • Good Communication: Good communication skills are required for an admin assistant to carry out various functions required for inter and intra-office communication. For example, there are various admin related activities that require good experience in written and verbal communication.
  • Leadership Skills: Leadership skills are must for an executive assistant as the person is expected to deal with people from all the departments that include middle and top level managers as well as interaction with the unskilled staff.
  • Strong Interpersonal Skills: Strong inter-personal skills are required to build sound professional relation with colleagues, blue collared staff as well as with clients and customers.
  • Presentation Skills: Good presentation skills are required for a variety of admin related work such as group discussions and meetings.
  • Educational Qualifications and Training: A candidate seeking to apply for the position of an admin assistant is required to possess at-least a bachelors degree in the related subject. However, training can be given by the concerning department.
  • Computer Literacy: Computer literacy is essential for an admin executive as computers have become an indispensible tool in both private and public limited companies.
  • Skills for Customer Service: Customer service skills are important for admin assistants as constant interaction with customers and clients is the basic work related job responsibility of that position.

Tips for Admin Assistant Resume

Examples of admin assistant resume give an idea about how the resume for the post of admin assistant should be. The candidate is required to highlight the expected qualification, special skills if known and total work experience possessed in the relevant department. Follow the tips given below to create a proper resume to apply for the position of an admin assistant.

  • Firstly, it is important to write a proper summary in the resume to highlight the educational qualifications. It should include assurance of doing the job duties like liaison with various governmental departments, vendors, customers, clients as well with other departments of the organization.
  • In the body part of the resume, mention about the overall work experience in the relevant department along with the job responsibilities handled. Also, include things like computer literacy and other added qualifications, if any.
  • It is also essential to mention about your career interests as well as growth related aspects that will help the organization grow.
  • You can also mention two to three references that have seen you work or probably might have worked with you.
  • If available, you can enclose the appreciation letter achieved for meeting deadlines and targets. Besides this, you can also give references of specialist courses that will support your candidature for the said position in a particular department.

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