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Administrative Assistant Job Description

The duties of an administrative assistant can be several and challenging as well. You might be eager to understand the basic job descriptions (often referred to as JD) of an admin assistant. The general profiles of an Administrative Assistant range from being a front desk executive, office receptionist, personal secretary or an executive assistant, administration executive etc. Precise job descriptions vary according to the size and requirements of the organization.

But the overall duties and responsibilities as an admin support require you to be adept at computer, to be methodical and systematic while handling office files, documents and papers. At the same time, you must have excellent communication skills and a pleasing personality which are some of the basic requirements of an admin assistant.

Here I have tried to summarize the administrative assistant skills and job descriptions of various administrative assistant profiles that highlight their duties and responsibilities.

Executive Assistant to VP

Job Description

  • Compose correspondence, check mails, faxes for the VP.
  • Prioritize mails according to the needs and requirements of the head.
  • Drafting of reports, developing presentations.
  • Taking down dictations, arranging travel plans, organizing itinerary for the reporting head and ensuring smooth journey.
  • Provide reference material to help the boss save on wasting time during discussions.
  • Taking phone calls and filtering them down depending on the priorities of the business.
  • Prepare minutes of the meeting and provide support with complete information back-up during conferences.
  • Confidentiality in handling major business decisions, files and documents.
  • Regulate visitors interacting with the boss to prevent unnecessary interruptions in his/her duties.
  • Supervise, train and provide complete support to trainees joining in administration wing of the organization.
Administrative Executive

Job Description

  • Maintain attendance records and employee leaves and absences for record purposes.
  • Preparing budget records and help in timely audit.
  • Maintain official stationery, files, documents and papers relevant with the organization.
  • Receiving company visitors, arranging suitable accommodation and taking care of their requirements.
  • Receiving phone calls, providing general information about the organization, provide front desk reception, entertain official enquiries.
  • Responsible for updating administration manual, directories and other official documents.
  • Making power point presentations and developing reports as part of support to concerned departments.
The duties and responsibilities of administrative assistant largely depend on the tyoe of sector you are associated with and of course, the extent of the profile that you are handling. Kindly note that I have not provided the job descriptions based on the size of the organization. A much detailed explanation of JDs based on the size and complexity of the organization has been elaborated in my e-book. You will find the knowledge of the job descriptions of various profiles as a helpful tool in framing the resume and cover letter right!

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